13 Practical Tips to Know Before Visiting Delhi

You might be overwhelmed by the over-crowded capital of India specifically when you visit Delhi for the first time. And the first impression does play a decisive role while you form an opinion of a metropolitan.

Thus, here are quite a few relevant tips to make your visit a memorable one while you visit the capital for the first time.

Opt for winter over monsoon season to visit

November to March forms the best time to visit Delhi. In other words, it’s advisable to prefer the winter over the monsoons for making a visit to Delhi. Besides, visiting the capital during the winter would spare you the nuisance to move across the water-logged Delhi roads during the monsoons and the scorching heat of the summers.

Besides, who would not like to enjoy a winter morning in Delhi sipping tea from clay made cups popularly called khullad. And you may enjoy the experience at The Singing Tree as well, the tea house at Chittaranjan Park, South Delhi.

Drink bottled water

Usually you would be far from getting safe drinking water from the taps at Delhi. If there is a water purifier at the accommodation you choose to stay at, well and good. Otherwise, make sure that you drink only from the sealed water bottles. Also, it’s advisable to avoid any ice in the drinks at the restaurants and bars. Besides, apart from thinking of your health, it would be good if you think of staying safe as well. So, do not accept drinks from any strangers and do not leave a drink unattended.

Use bug spray and pepper spray

Using a pepper and bug spray would help you keep the bugs at bay, making your stay at Delhi more enjoyable.

Invest in a metro card and ride-sharing app

Delhi Metro, apart from being fast and convenient, is also quite economical. Thus, you may move across the city with ease. Besides, it would be good to procure a metro card so that you are saved the inconvenience of getting the token whenever you need to board the train. However, if you prefer a cab, the pre-paid Uber and Ola are known to offer timely services.

Don’t book the first accommodation you find

Though Paharganj is the favourite haunt for the tourists, you may also acquire an accommodation in the posh areas including South Delhi, if your budget allows so.

Dress somewhat modestly

It’s advisable to dress in a manner that gives you a smart, yet modest look. As you are in Delhi, why not pick a few ethnic Indian pieces from Anokhi, Lakshita and FabIndia?

Check shopping options

Most of the people moving outdoors to shop in Delhi prefer checking up for the prices and quality etc., at quite a few vendors, before making up their mind to make the purchase. And the rule applies more specifically to the locally held common markets rather than the Malls. Though it’s a bitter and sad reality that the tourists are usually cheated of their money, the bargaining skills can minimize the probability to a great extent. If you so feel like, you may exercise your bargaining skills at Chandni Chowk, Janpath, Sarojini Nagar, and GK M Block market.

Learn a few helpful phrases

Though most of the people understand English in the capital, it’s good to have the following words on the tips of your fingers so that you can communicate yourself with a greater ease.

‘Nahi chahiye’ (‘It is not required’)

 ‘Nahi’ (‘No’)

‘Paise kam karo’ (‘Reduce the price’)
‘Kitna?’ (‘How much?’)

‘___ ka -ha hain?’ (‘Where is ___?’)

Mind the bathrooms

It’s far from being advisable to use the public bathrooms, and do notforget to carry the toilet paper, as all the bathrooms are not equipped with the same.

Eating out

You may use the food apps, e.g., Zomato in order to explore the restaurants at Delhi. Besides, if you do not relish the street food, you might be left regretting later.

Don’t try to see everything in a day

It’s not wiser and/or feasible either. Plan your daily visits to the main attractions of the city. Keep the alternatives ready, if your visit does not turn out as per the plan. There are a number of must visit attractions including Red FortIndia Gate, Chandni Chowk,  Connaught Place, Khan Market, Humayun’s Tomb etc.

Take a break

It’s good to take a break and do something different from the usual routine. You may watch a movie, visit a book store, enjoy a delicacy or visit a spa/parlour. The choice is yours.

Embrace Delhi

Delhi might not be perfect, but it definitely is a good place to visit. The people are warm and hospitable. You would definitely feel like visiting the metropolitan again.





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