Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary - 2 Days

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Dandeli Overview

It is a feast for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Located in Uttara District in Karnataka, the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 834 kilometres. It houses several species of plants and animals like hornbill, kingfisher elephants, leopards ,tigers etc.

The forest is a blend of dense deciduous and evergreen plantation with bamboo and teak plants. You have the luxury of going on a jungle safari in the early morning or at sunset. Some adventurous activities done here include trekking, crocodile sighting, fishing etc.

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Jungle Safari at Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

If you want some thrill and action along with the beauty of nature, then the Jungle Safari conducted by the wildlife reserve authorities is just right for you. The time period of the activity is around three to four hours, and the jeeps have a carrying capacity of eight. It is conducted in early mornings or in the evening. A little bit of luck is all you need to get a sight of animals like Black Panther; Bison spotted dear etc.

Tips For Visiting Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Moderately dull coloured clothes are advisable.
  • Binoculars and water bottles are a must for your convenience.
  • The Safety rules are to be strictly followed.

Best Time To Visit Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

October to April is generally the best time to visit the place because of the temperatures. There is a lack of rain, which in turn increases the chances of spotting animals.

Flora and Fauna at Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Some of the unique animals that you will find in the sanctuary are-
1. Sloth Bears are odd-looking animals. They have no upper incisor teeth and have a very long tongue, which helps them to eat their food. They also eat other insects, birds’ eggs and honey.
2. Barking Deer is a peaceful and silent creature of the sanctuary. It is not easy to spot them until they make noises. Patience  is the key while aiming to capture them in your lens.
3. The Indian Pangolin is an intriguing ant-eating animal with overlapping scales. These unusual scales are made up of hundreds of small hairs compressed together. The Pangolin feeds on termites and ants.
4. The Malabar Giant Squirrel or Ratufa Indica is just as big as a normal street dog. It flattens itself on a tree branch to blend with it when it senses danger. Its colour is mainly around mixed red to black and off-white.

Semi-evergreen and deciduous forests surround the place and is extremely rich in flora. Adina Cordifolia, T. Bellerica etc. along with bamboos herbs are found. Some of them have excellent medicinal values.

How to Reach Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

The nearest airport is about 75 km away. The nearest Railway Station is 32 km away in Alnavar and 48 km in Londa. The nearest town to the sanctuary is Dharwad, which is well connected by roads.

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