Gol Gumbaz - 2 Days

Gol Gumbaz Bijapur Overview

Gold Gumbaz is essentially the undercroft of the then Sultan of Bijapur, Mohammed Ali Shah. It was built by Yaqut of Dabul. Being one of the most significant monuments in Karnataka, it is based on Deccan Architecture. Inside, it runs the whispering gallery where the lightest of sounds can be heard.

It exhibits the Indo-Islamic style of Architecture and is made from Dark Grey Basalt. Due to its grandeur, it is also called the ‘Taj Mahal of South India’. It is frequented by visitors across the globe throughout the year.

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It depicts the Indo Islamic style of architecture and was constructed by Yaqut of Dabul. The dome is one the largest of its kind after St Peter’s Basilica. The inner part of the Gumbaz has a square shaped podium. The podium also has a wooden canopy,  which symbolises the exact position of the grave of Mohammed Adil Shah. The whispering gallery is the centre of attraction of this place. The main entrance has an interesting attraction named the Bijlipathar, which is considered as a meteorite that had fallen during that time.


Constructed by Mohammed Ali Shah, it was supposed to be a tomb for his remains after his death. The construction continued throughout his reign and was not completed due to his sudden death.

It also houses the bodies of his two wives, his mistress, his daughter and his grandson. The famous dome it has is one of the biggest in the world which rests on bedrock.

Places to visit near Gol Gumbaz

You can visit Bijapur, which is a few minutes drive from it. You can visit Nagar Khanna, which is a well-maintained museum located near it.

Best Time to Visit Gol Gumbaz

Due to the pleasant weather, the months from October to February are the best time to visit this place.

Tips for Visiting Gol Gumbaz

It is a great photography spot, so do not forget to take your camera!

How to reach Gol Gumbaz

Tongas and Carts are what you might avail to get there. You can also rent bicycles from cycle stands which are omnipresent in Bijapur. Also, local buses can commute the visitors of the Gol Gumbaz to their destination. Lastly, if you are not comfortable with any of these modes, you can also book a cab.

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