Nagarhole National Park - 2 Days

Nagarhole National Park, Nagarhole: Overview

Nagarhole National Park is located in the Mysore district of Karnataka. It shares its boundaries with Bandipur National park in the south and Kabini River in the north. The two national parks lie adjacent to each other and are separated by a dam of the Kabini River. The word Nagarhole is derived from Kannada words viz. “Nagar” meaning snake and “hole” meaning streams. It is named as such due to the presence of lots of streams that meander throughout the region just like a snake. The park was established as a sanctuary in 1955 and it got the status of a national park in the year 1983.

The Nagarhole National park is rich in diverse forms of wildlife both in terms of flora and fauna. It is home to several exotic and endangered species of plants and animals. It is characterized by thick vegetation of tropical rainforest and trees such as silver oak, teal, rosewood, and sandalwood dominates the forest.

There are around 250 species of birds and animals such as Spotted Deer, Asiatic elephants, Indian Bison, Civet cat, Tiger, Gaur, Jackal, Sloth bear, and Hyena are prominently spotted. It is also inhabited by a few of the deadliest reptiles such as King Cobra, Russel Viper, Krait, Monitor Lizard, and many more.

The entire region is characterized by uneven topography with hillocks present all around. It is endowed with lush green forests, meandering streams, shallow valleys, and waterfalls. It is a perfect location for those looking for solitude and wants to escape the hustling-bustling city life.

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