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Shopping in Bidar, Bidar Overview

Not only is Bidar famous for its rich history surrounded by temples and works of great architecture, but it is also known for its Bidri handicrafts. The place is heavens for those who love to shop. Wooden carvings, silver in laid work and items made from sandalwood are very popular here. Bidriware is an original handicraft which emerged from Bidar. Alloys of copper and zinc are used as a base and are then inlaid with pure silver or gold. Paan boxes, trays, platter and hookahs are a few popular items which come under Bidriware. Make sure to buy any of the Bidriware items as a memento the next time you visit here. Some of the Bidriware items are so beautiful and unique that they are showcased at the famous Louvre Museum in Paris. The Bahmani Bidri Works Showroom, Tarkari Market, Khadi Gramodyog Sangh and Gandhi Gunj Adat Market are a few must visit markets in Bidar.

Bidriware not only represents Bidar in India but also abroad. Toys, sculptures and various items of daily use are beautifully made from sandalwood here and are very popular.

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Important Markets in Bidar

Bidar is known for its shopping places. The Mohan Market, Tarkar Market and the Gandhi Gunj Market are the famous shopping destinations of the place. These markets showcase some of the best works of the talented artists of Bidar. The one stop shopping place where you can find items of all popular brands is the Sapna Multiplex Mall.

How to Reach Shopping in Bidar

The best and most convenient way to reach Bidar is through Local buses and autos. You can even take a cab to reach the famous market areas.

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