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Talacauvery, Coorg Overview


Located at the height of 1,276m, Talacauvery is situated in Brahmagiri Hill in Karnataka and is the point of origin of river Kauvery. The people of Kodagu made a tank which is considered as the origin of the river. People believe that the river first emerges as a spring and fill the tank or Kundika and then it appears as Kaveri at some distance away from the place by flowing underground. You can see a temple where goddess Kaveriamma is revered by the devotees, and on some special occasion, it is considered holy to a take dip in the water of the tank near to this place.

You can see thousands of devotees flocking this place to celebrate the popular Cauvery Changrandi and to enjoy the view of rising spring fountainhead. This rising of spring fountainhead appears when the water surges up at a specific time. If you want to get a bird’s eye view of the surroundings, especially the lush green forest from the top of the hill, then you need to climb 407 steps leading to the top. The most fascinating or magical thing one can experience the sound of the ringing of temple bell coming from the foothills of the temple even if you stand on the uppermost step. In the monsoon and post-monsoon period, the Talakaveri presents a captivating view of the Kaveri River.

More on Talacauvery

Goddess Kaveriamma Temple

The temple built near Talacauvery is dedicated to goddess Kaveriamma. Another deity who is also revered here is Lord Agasthiswara. He is the one who is considered to be a link between Sage Agastya and Lord Ganesh, and Kaveri river. This place has an interesting story which says that once the Kaveri River resided in the Kamandalu (a water pot used by sages) of Sage Agastya Muni. Once Lord Ganesh appeared in the form of a Cow grazing near the Sage and in the process of shouting the cow away, the Kamandalu was toppled, and the water inside it started flowing as Kaveri, since then. After seeing this, the cow vanished, but there was a boy standing exactly where the cow was there, and Agasthy chased him, thinking that the boy was responsible for the water spillage from his Kamandalu. But to his dismay, the boy too got out of the sight of Agasthya, and suddenly Lord Ganesh appeared in front of him.



Head in the Clouds

You can enjoy the astounding beauty of the surrounding mountain range once you reach the top of the hill by climbing 407 steps. As you put your foot forward one by one on the steps, you may feel as if you are getting closer to the clouds hovering around.

This will make you feel being on proverbial ‘Cloud Nine’.

Festival of Tula Sankaramana


If you decide to visit this place in October, then choose the proper date so that you can get involved in the festival of Tulasankaramma. This festival is celebrated due to the auspicious moment when the sudden surge of water can be seen in the water tank or famously known as Brahma Kundika. People come here in thousands for a soul purifying experience.


Best Time To Visit Talacauvery


The best time to visit Talacauvery is from February to April and October to December. It is not recommended to visit this place during monsoon.


Tips For Visiting Talacauvery


  1. If you are planning to visit in the summer, then pack light clothes which are comfortable while roaming and climbing the steps. Wear shoes instead of slippers or sandals.
  2. In winter, it might be very cold, so bring your warm cloth, jacket, head covering, and shoes.
  3. Swimming and taking a bath is strictly prohibited in the water tank.
  4. You may not find many shops near and the temple complex, so bring your own food and beverages.

How to Reach Talacauvery

You can reach this place using any private or public transportation. KSRTC bus service is available up to Bhagadamandala and from Temn, you can get some local public transport to Talacauvery.

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