Trekking in Bheemeshwari - 2 Days

Trekking in Bheemeshwari, Bheemeshwari Overview

Bheemeshwari is located at a distance of 100 km from the capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore. It is the place where you can experience lots of adventurous activities in the midst of the wilderness. Bheemeshwari is no less than a paradise with those lush green vegetation, water bodies with the biggest one being Cauvery, which is the soul of this place. This place offers tourists a chance to experience the nature walk, adventurous activities and sightseeing. However, the most popular activities it is well known for is trekking. It is the best place with trekking friendly terrain for all those thrill-seeking enthusiasts.

Bheemeshwari is surrounded by many bewitching valleys with the criss-cross of various rivers and streams. Your eyes will get tired fathoming the miles of fields covered with greenery. It is obvious that this place is the habitat of many wildlife and you will ,for sure, come across some of them while trekking. As this place is a famous trekking destination, so you have choices to either go for an easy or medium or tough trekking experience. The range of trekking trails can vary from 4 km to 30 km. So, irrespective of whether you are an amateur or professional, you can have your own thrilling experience by choosing the best-suited option. Bheemeshwari is tucked in the deep, dense forest of the Cauvery river basin, and it is the famous weekend destination for the working class people. This is the place that can soothe your body and mind and sprinkle a vibe of positive spirit on you.

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Trekking Options In Bheemeshwari

You have three options to trek from Bheemeshwari . Either you can trek to the place Chellurehill, or Galibore, or Doddamkali. If you haven’t experienced  trekking before, then the easiest trekking route is Chellurehill which is having a 7.5 km long trekking trail. This route enters into the Chellure hills by crossing the Cauvery river. The boat ride will be quite fun with your friends and family.

The second option you have is Doddamkali, which is situated 7 km away from Bheemeshwari. This place is a perfect location for birding, fishing and rafting for wildlife enthusiasts. The trekking is comparatively difficult than the Chellurehill due to the irregular rocky terrain. The Doddamkali nature camp can be reached through trekking. Apart from that, it is a favourable place for water sports due to the blessing of the river Cauvery.

Galibore is the last option for trekking, which is located 16 km away from Bheemeshwari. This trekking route is completely opposite to the Doddamkali route. You can witness the widespread tall Arjuna trees along with the true beauty of Cauvery accentuated by the lush green flora. The river bounded by the hills is an abode of different fish species. You can even get a chance to see elephants in groups near the river bank. The interesting thing is that even if you experience fishing here, you have to release the fish in the water, that is why it is popularly known as “catch and release” camp.

Essential Equipment For Trekking In Bheemeshwari

Before you leave for trekking, you need to keep all the essentials  for trekking  such as walking stick, medical kits, water bottle, snacks, energy bars, electric torch and smartphone for using a compass. Wear your hiking shoes and proper dress. It’s better to bring an additional pair of clothes and a towel.

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Best Time for Trekking In Bheemeshwari

You can visit this place anytime throughout the year. However, if you want to have the best experience and want to see the true beauty of nature, then  avoid going in  summer as it could be hot and humid. The best time to visit Bheemeshwari is between August  and February. During this time, the forest looks lively and lovely after the touch of monsoon. This is also the time when birds flock to the place en masse. You can go birding and enjoy watching a large number of different avian species such as woodpeckers, kingfishers, fishing eagles, river terns and many more. All in all, in this above mentioned period, this place looks like no  less than heaven with all the lush green forest, chirping of birds and invigorating ambience.

Stay Near Trekking

You can stay at the  Bheemeshwari Nature and Adventure Camp in Muthathi. Depending on your budget, you can either go for a tented cottage with attached bathroom, luxurious log-huts, luxurious cottage or a bamboo house. Apart from trekking, there are lots of recreational activities one can opt for such as mountain biking, zip line, rope walk, birding, coracle ride, rafting and kayaking.

Tips for Visiting Trekking


  1. Bring comfortable clothes that are trekking and jungle friendly.
  2. Trekking shoe is a must for trekking as well as for roaming around in the forest.
  3. Don’t smoke or at least not while in the forest because a small mistake can create a big disaster.
  4. Bring your goggles, hats, sunscreen lotion and mosquito repellant cream as you will be roaming around in open space under the canopy of the jungle and river.

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