Trekking in Savandurga - 2 Days

Trekking in Savandurga, Savandurga Overview

Savandurga is Asia’s largest single rock formation which is situated 60 km away from Bangalore. Savandurga has an altitude of 1226 m above sea mean level and its gentle slopes make it suitable for an adventurous trekking experience. You can spend an ideal time in solitude or with your loved one(s) at Savandurga. Trekking might be tiring for some but you should remember that a blissfull sight and pleasant weather awaits your arrival at the hilltop. Few trekkers also prefer camping at the top and spending the entire night gazing at the sky full of stars.

As you head towards the summit, you will come across the ruins of Kempe Gowda II’s fortress which later was occupied by Tipu Sultan. Savandurga is a massive monolith rock which makes it easy for rock climbing. You can complete the trek in two days or less. Savandurga constitutes of two hills, namely, Billigudda and Karigudda. Most trekkers choose the former over the latter due to its gentler slopes. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you must undergo the trekking experience here in Savandurga.

Savandurga Trek Trail

Savandurga is one of the popular trekking destinations around Bangalore. It offers a 700-950ft trek which is quite easy and can be carried out by inexperienced trekkers. Between the two hills of Savandurga, the trekkers prefer Billigudda due to its gentle inclines. For the convenience of the trekkers, the trek route here is dotted with distinct yellow signs that guide you safely to the top. However, these signs are not present on the Karigudda hill, hence increasing the chances of trekkers losing their way during the trek.

The entire trek uphill isn’t time-consuming and as you start hiking from the base of the hill, the rocky terrain gradually transcends into a steeper path. You need to place a good grip while you are trekking, however, as you ascend the hill you will get hold of the terrain. The most fascinating part of the trek is the view from the hilltop. As you climb higher and higher, you will get a spectacular view of the greenery around.

While trekking, you will walk past a podium of granite columns. If you want some beautiful pictures then this is a perfect spot for photography. Take out your cameras and get going! Ahead of this place, you will come across two paths. One of these pathways leads to a dead-end, and the other goes into the forest. One the way, you will get an opportunity to explore the rocky caves, Lord Hanuman’s sculpture, and four fort walls.

Once you get closer to the summit, you will reach the steepest part of the hill. You need to be cautious while walking through this area. As you reach the top, you are welcomed by the majestic Nandi Tower. You can now relax and enjoy the marvelous view from the top.

Few tips to be kept in mind while trekking

Here are some things which you should keep in mind while proceeding with the Savandurga trek:

  1. Carry a first-aid kit, energy drinks, extra pair of t-shirts and socks.
  2. Wear good quality trekking shoes and double layer socks. Do not forget to tuck your pants from below to protect yourself against leeches.
  3. Do not trek during the rainy season.
  4. Carry disposable bags to avoid littering.
  5. Consumption of alcohol and other intoxicants is forbidden at the trek spot.

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