What are you going to miss when your visit to India ends?

India is known for its diversity. Each of the states is endowed with a distinct character of its own as far as the culture and the customs, language(s) and even the geographical features such as the landscape are concerned. Thus, the south Asian country called India intrigues all.

India is a country you would love to stay in. The people are so warm and hospitable that even those who are new to the country get used to the Indian lifestyle very soon. No wonder, most of the tourists are very likely to get nostalgic, once they bid adieu.

You would probably be missing India to a much greater extent than what you might have thought of during your stay here. Here are some of the qualities of the Indian life that you would miss, once you go back home.

The People

Indians are not only warm and hospitable, but always ready to help, even if the individual(s) in trouble happen(s) to be the foreign nationals. India is a country that not only firmly believes, but also practices the virtues of Atithi Devo Bhava i.e., when guests arrive at an Indian home, they are respected in a manner as a devta i.e., god is respected.

No wonder, if you find yourself uncomfortable or even feel troubled for some reason or another on a busy Indian road, you would find many who would be humane enough who would rush to help you! The Indian society is so full of human warmth and virtues that the people willing to help would usually be greater in numbers than any nuisance(s) even if you do encounter that once in a while. This warmth of human care and affection is something you are going to miss the whole of your life!

The Festivals

The Indian festivals are celebrated with such gaiety that you would be enamoured with the unique diversity and the rich cultural heritage of the country. Besides, all the festivals including Dusshera, Diwali, Holi, Eid, apart from many more, would acquaint you with the true spirit of India, its people, the rich and diverse culture of the country and yet the unity in diversity, to top it all. No wonder, wherever you go in the world, you would get nostalgic remembering India and get back to visit the country again.

The Indian food

The food at your home country, might, of course be palatable, but the taste, apart from the aroma of the Indian food would not be easily forgotten by you. The flavor of the Indian food offers something to all the food lovers. There is such a great variety that it’s spicy as well as sweet and sour and salty too! The expensive restaurants, and even the food stalls at the streets attract such huge crowds that you would be left amazed.

The Chai (Tea)

India is a country where you would find almost everybody and anybody enjoying tea, known as Chai. And there is no dearth of the varieties of Chai. There are masala chai, and also the common Chai that is usually served at various tea stalls at the road. The Chai is known to boost energy. You would feel more active after sipping tea. No wonder, you would not feel like giving up the habit of drinking tea even after reaching back home. And, to be sure, the Indian tea is simply matchless across the globe.

The Street Shopping (Or should we say ‘Haggling’)

Shopping on the streets in India yields such pleasure that you would be craving for it even when you leave India. Bargaining, or shall we say, haggling does make the shopping on the Indian streets a pleasurable experience, which, of course, is worth it.

You would find various colourful shops on the roads. You would be getting almost all from these petite shops ranging from vegetables to the fashion accessories. You are very likely to miss the haggling for it is a manner of shopping that might not be available in your country.

The bustling streets and sounds

You might have to go across the crowded, or say, the over-crowded roads in India within a few seconds. Indian roads might be over-crowded. There might be a lot of noise. And, to top it all, an Indian road might be chaotic. You might have to stay within your car for long spans of time due to the traffic jam now and then. Besides, there might be a huge rush of the street vendors on the road. And people enjoying the street food might add to the crowd of the already over-crowded road. And you are going to miss it all when you reach back the home country.

The Culture

The Indian culture is rather a kaleidoscope that presents a rich blend of cultures, customs, traditions and even landscapes. No wonder, India attracts almost all from the world. Besides, there are a number of the art galleries, nightclubs and bars, restaurants, live music, cinema, theatre, attractively varying architecture, apart from a number of places that are of cultural and historical significance. And, definitely, you would miss it all!

The endless travel options

India is home to people from various ethnicities. People from various cultures and various walks of life live here in harmony. Apart from the vibrant metropolitans including Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore etc., there are a number of cities known for their spiritual charm including Haridwar, Varanasi. Besides, there are a number of places that hold an important place in history because of some reason or another including Hampi, Agra etc. Besides, Nature has bestowed a beautiful bounty on India.  The snow covered Himalayas and the huge sand dunes in the desert of Rajasthan, and the beautiful beaches at Goa, apart from various other tourist attractions definitely make India worth a visit. And once your visit ends, the fond memories are likely to haunt you.

The cricket

Cricket is somewhat too popular in India, and during the times when a cricket match takes place, you might find people celebrating on the roads, bursting the crackers and beating the drums. Though the matches are live telecast, nothing can match the energy, and enthusiasm of the locals that is noticeably visible while the people watch a cricket match collectively crowding themselves in front of a TV set. You would definitely miss it all as you are not likely to observe such a zestful energy in the common people at a collective gathering to enjoy something specific, say a cricket match.

The ease of travel with public transportation

Rickshaws are easily available in India, be it an auto-rickshaw or a cycle rickshaw. And it’s something you are definitely going to miss when you reach your own country, for this kind of the local transport is extremely convenient to catch and travel in, when it rains or you want to save yourself the effort to walk long distances. Even the Railways and the Metro trains are convenient and economical. And you would not find it to be the same in most parts of the world, and thus, would be missing it.

The language

You are very likely to pick up a few local words from the local dialect of the people while your stay in India. And you would miss using the same dialect and the same manner of conversing once your trip to India ends and you reach back home.

The affordability

Travelling to India and staying here for some time is economical as compared with paying a visit to most of the countries. All kinds of the restaurants are available here that suit almost all kinds of the budgets. Besides, the public transport is easily available and economical, shopping is also budget friendly if you want it to be so and choose where to shop from for various options are available, medical care is easily available and affordable, and the accommodations offer such a vast range that you would not feel that it’s going to be heavy on your pocket. In any other country, the scene might be quite different. So, it’s just natural to miss it all, once you leave India.

The joy of eating with bare hands

Making use of the bare hands to enjoy the meals is something you are likely to observe in India only. Apart from helping you enjoy satiety, the habit also improves digestion and helps prevent the Type 2 diabetes. You would not experience the same eating practice anywhere else in the world.

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